IGN Youth Section: Ayanfe Idowu, Dike Ehiribe charity organizations

What is it all about?

The Impact Group Network (IGN) Youth Section was founded in 2017 as a platform for connection, interaction and the exchange of ideas among youth who are highly motivated and driven to succeed. The Youth Section has a varied membership, including writers, poets, singers, song writers, dancers, actors and computer programmers. 

The leaders of the Youth Section also organize programs to reach out to underprivileged youth and, based on their research and assessment of needs, they make scholarship and other funding recommendations to the IGN Management Board.

IGN Youth Team:

Dike Ehiribe

Ayanfe Idowu

Ekene Akuneme

If you are interested in joining or you have a need that you think we can help with, contact us at info@impactgroupnetwork.org charity organizations nonprofit job board

Ayanfe Idowu


About Ayanfe Idowu

Three aptly words describe Ayanfe – excellence, talented and passionate. Ayanfe Idowu combines academic excellence with a passion for athleticism. 

She has won several academic laurels in Atlantic Hall where she studies. She has also represented Atlantic Hall in several sports competitions and won medals. Beyond her academic accomplishments and commitment to athleticism, Ayanfe also has  an uncanny writing skill which has earned her recognition and commendation by the John Locke Institute, United Kingdom. If she is not studying or writing, Ayanfe participates actively in community development initiatives and projects. 

Through her commitment in Girls Guide, she has participated in projects designed to help the less privileged and supply of educational materials to schools in deprived or underserved communities in Lagos, Nigeria. Impact Group Network provides a platform for Ayanfe to showcase her leadership potentials and lead other youths in impacting the communities in several ways. You can reach Ayanfe at ayanfeidowu@impactgroupnetwork.org

Dike Ehiribe

Dike is a zealous and hard-working young man. He attended Loyola Jesuit College, a well-known Jesuit high school that is reputed to be the best high school in Nigeria, where he attained several academic distinctions.

 He is currently attending a private Christian high school in Houston where he continues to trail-blaze academically. Dike is extremely proactive as he shows initiative in and out of the classroom, which is evident in his varied extra-curricular activities. His hobbies include playing basketball, software programming and reading. 

As a motivator and a member of the youth community himself, Dike is always thrilled to participate in, and lead, the activities organized by the Youth Section of the Impact Group Network. Dike can be reached at dikeehiribe@impactgroupnetwork.org