About i-RAISE project



I-Raise project is designed to promote the values of R-responsibility, A-accountability, I-integrity, S-selflessness and E-excellence amongst student leaders in schools to improve the quality of service delivery to the community they serve.

The first  programme held at Ashafa Tijani Memorial High School in Iponri axis of Lagos State, Nigeria. 

We had an interactive session with the student and taught them how to imbibe right moral values and ethics with emphasis on the RAISE VALUES.  


RAISE Ambassadors with the Impact Team

At the end of the session, we took a snapshot with the RAISE Ambassadors for Ashafa Tijani Memorial High School. They were selected based on how they distinguished themselves at the training. 

These students will be in charge of the Raise project in their school and be in custody of the materials donated to the school for the purpose of improving right moral values and sound character

Group Activities

Several activities have been planned to help the students practice RAISE values. In this session, the students were grouped to discuss each value and what it means to them. 

In Picture: The selflessness group says, "always try to assist others no matter the situation you find yourself." 

The presentation was "wow!"